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Geek Squad Complaint - Continual Gateway Computer Issues - Geek Squad cannot resolve - Gateway Computer
Geek Squad Complaint

Geek Squad Complaint


Continual Gateway Computer Issues - Geek Squad cannot resolve - Gateway Computer

I am really looking for someone to help and assist in a situation I have with my current computer and continual issue I am experiencing.

The ongoing issues with my computer should not be accepted and

As a supposedly valued customer I should have a replacement of my current system.

I purchased a computer from Best Buy in March 2007. Since that purchase the computer has been put in with the geek squad 4 times! Each time lasting at least 1 month. Currently, my computer is back in with the geek squad for consistently 'blue screening'or freezing requiring reboots?

They have had my computer for about 1 month now.

Upon dropping off my computer to the geek squad, the technician who worked on my computer said that the mother board needed to be replaced (this is the 2nd mother board replacement within 1 year) and would be sent offsite for repairs.

They notified me it was fixed and to come and pick it up on March 27, 2008

Upon picking it up, they realized that they still had to put the 1GB of memory that I purchased into the computer, (that was forgotten) - so I told them I would wait while they installed the memory I purchased.

While starting up the computer - IT CRASHED AGAIN! They then told me that apparently a problem still exists on the computer and they now had to replace the hard drive and I would have to leave it again! Also, I should go home and get the recovery disk and bring it back to them!

So I did this and asked to speak to a manager, I showed him all my receipts, previous service repairs, etc., and asked him to replace the entire system since it continually has issues. He stated he could not do that - there had to be 4 hardware failures and I have had only 3 - (1 of the 4 times it was In the shop was considered a software issue even though the cdrom would not work? and still fails to this day, but I learned to fix it myself because they said they would charge me).

I informed the manager I needed this computer back by April 2nd due to a FIOS installation at my home and the computer was needed for a line test.

They assured me that it would be done the next day (March 28th, the day after my initial call to pick it up - repairs were supposedly complete).

I went back on March 28th to see if they computer was fixed and the technician stated that he hadn't completed the hard drive yet, because there may also be a memory issue and he needed to look into that also???

So I have been waiting for a call and haven't received one?

I decided tonight (April 1st) to call and see why my computer wasn't ready yet and was told again that the technician is now working on the hard drive and I can pick it up tomorrow? I asked the operator on the phone what has been repaired other than the hard drive and she stated that they also fixed the memory - which was not what they felt was the 2nd issue after the mother board fix?? Another new issue??

They still have not pinpointed the actual issue and said could proabably get it April 2nd ... I cannot pick it up due to a FIOS installation from 8AM ET to 1PM ET and must stay in the house while they are here.

Also, now they have replaced the Mother board (2x's), the hard drive, the memory and I still do not qualify for the lemon law for this computer???

This computer is only 1 year old

(thank God I have the extended warranty) and have pretty much had all the important internal parts replaced and I do not qualify for a replacement system??

I have spent about $10,000 dollars at the Best Buy in Deptford New Jersey in the past year, between 2 flat screen TV's, Gateway computer, HP Printer, IPOD, XB0X games and accessories, etc., etc and the Geek squad cannot replace a computer that is apparently faulty in its design and will in no way offer any type of reparation for my time and frustrations. Also, when the technicians are questioned about issues they seem to become annoyed and indignant like you do not have a right to be angry about your hard earned money being spent on a faulty product.

I have been in the IT arena for over 20 years and would never treat a customer like they did not deserve or have the right to be angry or annoyed by bad service or poor products when they are vital to my success as a company.

I am not asking for anything more than to have a replacement computer of equal value that does not cause me continual issues - Is that to much to ask when I should be treated as a valued customer of this company???

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