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Geek Squad Complaint - Horrible Service !!! RIP OFF - extended warrantly computer repair
Geek Squad Complaint

Geek Squad Complaint


Horrible Service !!! RIP OFF - extended warrantly computer repair

i have now been dissconnected after trying to be resonable and have my computer fixed and then pay for the value exceeding the amount of my computer! I have been more than resonable with my patience and time and if my computer is not fixed from this moment on and the warranty is not held to the terms stated in the contract (i.e. they want to replace a computer that is no longer in production ) and i was more than willing to pay for my computer to be fixed for the exceeding amount of the computer (895.14). After being dissrespected and given the run around and having my problem not fixed at ALL i either want my computer completely fixed or i want my computer returned and the value of the computer to be given to me or a refund on my warranty sense this has been the worst experience and worst customer service I have ever experienced ! I am no longer negotiable on this sense my time has been wasted, my school work has suffered, and i have been utterly dissrespected ! At this point I would rather have it fixed elsewhere and be refunded the money sense I honestly have lost complete faith in this company!

I am writing for Robert Stephens, I recently brought my computer in under full warranty to get fixed. The B button,fan, and turning off by itself all need to be fixed. The geek squad associate then told me it must be sent out to be fixed, and I was fine with this, however I did not by any means want my computer replaced or junked. It is a HP touchsmart and is no longer on the market (and contrary to popular belief a tablet is no where near comparable). So after speaking to the girl she had said it would not be a problem, yet not feeling reassured i called that day i dropped off my computer. They said it was impossible to call the service center and assure that and that all they could do was make a note, which was not at all acceptable. So then i called the customer relations (with hopes to get a number to the service center) where i had explained my situation and the rep called the store and assured that if it was sent out it would be returned (not fully fixed) if they decided it was better to be replaced and that it would not be junked. So content with thinking the situation was solved i waited to hear from the service center or best buy. Two weeks later (a few days ago) i recieved a phone call from best buy, trumbull CT (203-381-0790), where i was told that my computer had just been backed up and was not shipped out due to the manager requesting that I must agree and understand that there was nothing they can do if it were to be deemed junked and that i would not get it back if that happened. I was/am furious for many reasons one being the fact that the computer was to be fixed by now (Aug 29 was when the computer was brought in, Aug 30, was when it was supposed to be cleared up) Sep.25 was the first contact about the problem persisting! The second reason being the manager didnt call me directly nor did he follow any instructions given by the call center. Third when calling the best buy store, customer realtions, help center, and corporate not one of them had the service center’s contact information. I then went online and did some research and filed complaints to bbb and to every known website illustrating the geek squad logo, and then finally called corporate where i requested not to be transfered and requested all numbers to both service centers. Two phone calls and lots of aggrevation later I recieved the numbers where they had now been closed. I called the store who called Alex (the customer relations associate) who stated that he himself would file a exclamation form but stated he had no recordings of the service centers numbers directly. At 9 pm i finally recieved a phone call from the manager(who conviently was MIA all day) and he then argued that he and the store could not make any promises that my computer would be returned and i had then mentioned i had both your number, the service centers numbers, and corporate’s numbers. He than lost his attiutde and still stuck to the (we make no promises). I told him i want a copy of the exclamation form prior to my computer being sent out which should state the following : client does not want replacement or computer to be junked under any circumstances, if computer is deemed for a replacement client want computer returned not completely fixed and will take elsewhere.
This is the request i am making and find it hard to believe that not one person has a proper contact to the service center. I plan on calling them asap in the morning. I do not understand why it has taken over a month for it to even get to this. I believe at this point the service center should fix my computer(besides the cost), however I still do not care if they do not want to fine send it back not completely fixed and i will take it elsewhere! i purchased this warranty to avoid issues like these, but at this point the service is worse than that compared to DELL, and thats hard to do! I will take the copy of the exclamation notice to my lawyer
and if my computer (accidently ) slips through the cracks i will ewpect an exact replica of my computer(found on amazon) and will be fully ready to file a law suit if needs are not met. I have been more than generous with my patience and time and from here on out expect no further problems!
Joan Maloney
Hp Touchsmart
18666507110 ext60008 alex (customer service rep)
5029553800( louisville service center)

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TheITGamer says: (7 years ago)
I personally have had more than one bad experience. I normally fix family member's PC's and I also do software stuff for friends and family. However, I don't do hardware on laptops unless it's the easy stuff(ram/HD/fans). I took my grandmothers laptop to bestbuy and I knew there was a ram issue(one card had died out of 2), So I went to fill out the information, and when it came down to writing down the model, I played it a bit dumb and acted like I couldn't find the model # on the laptop...it was on the bottom, in plain sight. The GS tech that looked at it wrote down the information he needed off the sticker, looked at his computer for maybe a minute then turned and said "sorry, we can't get parts for the older laptops." That sounded reasonable, so I asked him for the paper back so my grandmothers information wouldn't end up in some random dumpster divers pocket, and before I put the paper in my pocket, I noticed that the guy didn't even write the S/N down corretly. 1 of the numbers shoulda been a letter.

I do understand that the employees are trained to help 5 people at once. Is that a bad thing though? I believe the guy was more worried about the line growing behind us instead of dealing with the issue at hand. It was obvious he wanted to thin out the line, but at who's expense...I'm not the best at dealing with people, but if I'm going to be working on/passing a computer onto someone else within my organization to work on, best believe I'm going to give them all my attention. If people in line see the person being taken care of, they will want the same service. It seemed more like he felt he wasn't going to be accomplishing anything with us, so he pretty much wasn't even trying to accomplish his #1 goal, bring back customers. My grandparents were turned off by their experience, and considering they are Retired missionaries, they will not be doing any of their tech shopping at bestbuy anymore. It's sad becuase they bought their current laptops FROM bestbuy over 5 years ago, and tried going to bestbuy to get that great service they remembered ...but one bad apple can turn a group off of plicking the rest and eating them... Call it mainstream stupidity if you must, but thats how companies fall...and sometimes rise....the one thing I would like to see is a tech savvy individual working for best buy who has decent people skills, and doesn't honestly care about trying to sell the next newest thing. Oh, and the one thing I've been reading the most in the complaints is the emphasis on "getting rid of the old, and pushing to sell the new." pro's and con's...common sense isn't so common, but people in general aren't as stupid as you think. Try to sell me a product I don't want and you'll get bad reviews becuase your not focusing on what I, me, the customer wants.

On a side note, all it took to fix was removing one of the 1gig ram sticks and replacing it. The new 1 gig stick costed $38 from fry's electronics, and shipped for free. I spent 10$ in gas driving to best buy. so I spent 48$ all together...~$10 if I didn't waste my time with the guy who was way to worried about what was going on behind me, and behind him. this is the Emeryville, Ca location...

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