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Geek Squad Complaint - Just Plain Terrible Service - Notebook Service Contract
Geek Squad Complaint

Geek Squad Complaint


Just Plain Terrible Service - Notebook Service Contract

I purchased an HP notebook from Best Buy (BB) in 2007. I was talked in to purchasing a 3 year protection plan, probably in large part because I had just had to replace a damaged PDA. Anyway, for $300 I was assured that practically anything would be covered, and that the best part was that all I had to do was bring in the computer, and most problems could be fixed right there at the store (this is myth #1).

About 2 months later, the laptop had its first incidence of random power failure. It happened twice in 2 days, so I trotted it down to BB. The Geek at GeekSquad (GS) told me that "it could be the power source" (which may be the one correct thing they ever told me), but that sending it out for repair (which was what had to be done) would take 7-8 weeks. Excuse me? what happened to service you can depend on? and just how does one function without a business computer (they don't even have loaners like car repair) for 2 MONTHS? So, I did what I'm sure 85% of folks would do: I upgraded my back-up system (more $), and took the computer home; it might as well be good and dead before I give it up for THAT long. I suppose I should have cut losses then and cancelled the remaining service contract then, but it still would have cost money, and it seemed likely that I would need an actual repair at some point anyway.

Well, the computer stubbornly refused to power on last month. After resetting (you don't need GS for this stuff; any simple fixes can be found on-line), I did get it to power up 2 more times (enough to make system recovery plans). Then I took its seemingly lifeless form back to GS. They got it on, and so argued with me for more than 30 minutes, that sending it for service was a waste of time and that it would undoubtably be sent back unchanged. This person told me 2-3 weeks, and I filled out the forms and left the machine.

The next "are you kidding?" moment came about 8 days later. I can be patient. They give you a service order number and you can go to GeekSquad.com and supposedly track your repair. After almost 2 weeks, I figured it should at least have been looked at. So, at 11:00 pm. when the store is closed. I entered the tracking number on the website. The record was clearly the correct entry; it showed my drop off at the correct date and time, and there was one other entry. It was for later that same day, and it said, "picked up by customer; ticket closed." Needless to say, it's a little coming back to an empty parking space where you know you left your car.

So... the next day I went back to BestBuy (and BTW, stood in line. again. because, according to one Geek, they used to have the queue pagers, but the computer broke and they never fixed it). The Geek said, "Oh, we do that all the time." ??? "We had to open a new service order, and that is the only way that the system lets us close the old one." ??? Why a new SO??? How can that be the appropriate entry system??? Why not tell the owner (an email would be fine --Ms. XXX, your service order has been updated. Here is the new SO#....)???

OK... so what is the new #?? Geek: "I don't know how to print that out." ????

45 minutes after arrival, I did leave the store armed with a new SO# (they note the new SO# in the new SO record (doh), not the old one. where it might be. um. useful.) and a UPS tracking number, because supposedly, my computer was not only fixed, it had already been shipped back...

Except that it hadn't really been shipped. UPS (who has a tracking system that actually works) indicated that the label had been requested 2 days before, and that the other 2 packages in the shipment were in transit. But not mine. ??(mystery).

When it did finally ship, I was able to track it through UPS, and see that it was delivered at the store (at 10:14 AM). At a little after 12:00, the store called (proving that they do actually know how the phone operates) to say that the computer had arrived, but would not power on, and they were sending it back. But, "Not to worry, it will be sent back overnight, it will be the first thing they look at since it is a repeat, and it will be back her in a few days."

I realized later that day that I would need to call back since, sure enough, they had marked the new SO "picked up by customer" meaning they had started yet another ticket.

At 4 PM the next day, the GS system (with the 3rd SO#) was still showing my computer as shipped. Well OK. I got patient again. It's Friday PM, I'll check Monday...

Monday, when it still just said "shipped", I called the store to get the new UPS #.

Acording to UPS, the computer did not ship Thursday at all, it shipped Friday, in the latest P/U, and it didn't ship overnight, it went regular ground. ??????

Bless UPS, it arrived at repair location Tuesday at 9:30 AM.

But at 4 PM, the GS system still did not show it checked in. They plaster the case with bar codes, so this should be no more difficult than it is for UPS (for instance).

So, I stop by the store again... This is where it first becomes apparent that there are TWO GS tracking systems... The Geek says "yeah, it was checked in this morning" it will take a while to show up on the web site." ??? Hours???

By Close of business repair center time, there was still no sign of it, so I called the 800 number for GS. They, apparently have access to exactly the same information that is on the public web. no more. Basically, I had no faith in what the store Geek said, and wanted conformation from somebody actually affiliated with the repair center (which is called Geek Squad City, BTW) to confirm that the computer had been seen. The 800 number person finally suggests that he can give me the number for Geek Squad City. ...and I thought I was finally getting somewhere.

If you call them, you discover that you will have 3 choices: 1 if you want a tour, 1 for an automated system to get repair approval (apparently if they want to charge you $, you talk to their computer), and 1 if you want help with a repair ticket. The last one sounds promising until you find that it is a message telling you this is not a customer option (call 800-GS) and if you ar a GS center you should be using the toolkit (on-line system) --and then it hangs up.

So then I tried the only other # on the GS web site: the best buy customer care line.

They wanted to verify that I was the right person (before discussing the computer) by checking phone email etc., but since they seemed to think I had a 10 year old email address, this clearly has to do with their sales database and nothing to do with my repair order (which had current information).

Anyway, after navigating their peripheral system, I finally got to someone that was supposed to be a supervisor, but her computer 'froze up' so she said she'd call back. An hour later I started over.

Finally I got to a supervisor with a computer that worked. She said that yes, my computer was checked in, and that it would be 2-3 weeks before it was fixed. ????? It only took them 2 weeks (including ship time) to not fix it before; now they are supposed to be on a rush, and it will be 2-3 weeks (plus more than a week shipping)???

She said she could put an 'escalation request' in. Yeah. do that. Then she said that I could have her 'direct number' so that I could keep up with this though her. (since it was after hours there would be no communicating with GS City until tomorrow) So, I can call you tomorrow? Well, no. she wouldn't be in tommorow; try Thursday. Well, how about we find someone that CAN communicate with GS City tomorrow? OK. She (purportedly) actually speaks to X, and they will take over the case, and I can call X tomorrow.

That was today. I called and left a callback number. Over the next 3 hours I tried 4 times without reaching X (great direct line service). Finally, I started over with the Best Buy number.

I got yet another 'supervisor' who told me that "parts had been ordered". What parts, and from where (down the hall, or China)? I don't know. Can you find out? No, but I can issue an escalation request. Um. Didn't somebody already do that? I don't know, I don't see that in the system. We can't see that until GS City issues a reply. ???????

The comedy of the absurd continued with the supposed supervisor of supervisors, who still can't talk to GS City (they do not take calls unless you want a tour), can't tell anything except that the new expected completion date is 2 weeks from now, and it might take 3-5 days before they have any response about the 'escalation request'

Basically, The customer support top person that will speak to customers could not tell me whether there would be any customer support (never mind what kind) for 3-5 days.


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